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Submitted on
May 15, 2013


25 (who?)
Okay gang so recently I've received a couple of notes asking for commissions, unfortunately I won't be able to open my regular commissions anytime soon : ( as I am currently catching up on my still long current list, and that I also decided not to accept anymore real life works so i can work full time on da commissions. I really hope I will clear them soon ugh. I've already sketched half of my list tho so I can see some progress somehow XD.  I do need money however so I have thought of an idea that some of you might be interested in. I'll be opening a chest-up commissions with a different twist xD. I will call it " ichan's school of OCs"  (eww). It will be like a yearbook or something. All your OCs will be drawn wearing a uniform that i designed myself lol. I got that idea because i thought it doesn't take a lot of time finishing it and will be easier to draw unlike doing pictures with BG and stuff that sometimes takes me 1-3 days OTL.

Anyway here's the sample:

Each of them will cost 10USD yep i know quite expensive but hey aside from your ocs colored pic, you will get an extra sketch of them, same pose but wearing their original clothes. : )

I will be opening a lot of slots for this one cause uhm classes will start next month and I'd be needing some moolah for the tuition fee and it pisses me off because the down payment got increased like more than 20% wtf. ugh

Anyways yeah this pic will be divided by 4 levels/category

:bulletwhite:Freshmen: 14-15 years old
:bulletyellow:Sophomores: 15-16 years old
:bulletblue:Juniors: 16-17 years old
:bulletpink:Seniors: 17-18 years old

Now this "school" isn't your regular strict school lol. You can do everything in your pic. be it formal or wacky and oh although all of them are wearing the same uniform you are free to add accessories and whatnot also you can change colors for the vest thing not the coat and or maybe the tie too whatever.  

So yeahh I think that is all. So you interested? Enroll your OCs now! ; p

Just fill this form and send it via note.

Name of the character:
Her/His Motto:
Hair color:
Eye color:
Skin color:
Reference picture:
Additional details:

Yep I can accept more than one character  
Estimated time frame for this is Later June-August.

THANKS PEEPS!! I will be replying notes as soon as possible. I haven't slept yet >< I'm hitting the hay now. See ya guys. gnyt! < 3

Also I might do an auction for Pokemon trainer design. Not sure. I just really need some moolah lol >3< bye.


OCs Enrolled (not final)


1. DJ (DJ-Kid) :bulletgreen: -paid-
2. Major Dixon (DJ-Kid) :bulletgreen: -paid-
3. Annalise Lancastrian(Seizui) :bulletgreen: -paid-
4. Reize Seatlan(Seizui) :bulletgreen: -paid-
5. Lily(Seizui) :bulletgreen: -paid-
6. Oranie-Labell Walter (QTMartina) :bulletgreen: -paid-
7. Nemo (poketix) :bulletgreen: -paid-
8. Tsuki Hiroshi(sonyasim55)
9. Damien (zoidsfan507)
10. Blake (zoidsfan507)
11. Devin Obsidian (xIce-Wolf) :bulletgreen: -paid-
12. Yan Honda (Miingno) :bulletgreen: -paid-
13. Jade Ailen Maine (Senyou) :bulletgreen: -paid- 
14.  Kyle Allen Stearns (Senyou) :bulletgreen: -paid- 


1. Kajira(Seizui) :bulletgreen: -paid-
2. Airion Sinclaire (sonyasim55)
3. Aricia Vireus (sonyasim55)
4. Robbie Stylez (Grimzy-Scrawlings)  :bulletgreen: -paid-
5. Max Carter (Grimzy-Scrawlings)  :bulletgreen: -paid-
6. Waiting for the form(didgeridoodle)
7. Waiting for the form(didgeridoodle)
8. Waiting for the form(didgeridoodle)
9. Kaylie Crow (RainbowNinja80) :bulletgreen: -paid-
10.Yo Hisashi (fuegokid) :bulletgreen: -paid-
11. Caleth (Vizu) :bulletgreen: -paid 
12. Rami  (0w0MikuruBEAM)
13. Ivy-Jade McKie (Hieislittlekitsune) :bulletgreen: -paid- 
14. Kaitao marius  (novox-the-creator)
15.  Kalen Sequona  (Linktydraad) :bulletgreen: -paid-  

:bulletblue:Juniors:bulletblue: -CLOSED-

1. Narisu Cabhan (mickeypoops) :bulletgreen: -paid-
2. Jack Cross (Inflictiionz)
3. Miyo Ai (Saturnflower) :bulletgreen: -paid-
4. Felix Sinclair (ssj2girl)  :bulletgreen: -paid-
5. Faye Roux (ssj2girl) :bulletgreen: -paid-
6. Tobey Yimsta (Yimsta) :bulletgreen: -paid-
7. Dillar Eldberg (kowai-usagi) :bulletgreen: -paid 
8. Ryo Sato (Miingno) :bulletgreen: -paid-
9. Kit (ChronicFolly) :bulletgreen: -paid-
10. Raesha Vann (sonyasim55)
11. Sasha Shepperd(SiriouslySiris) :bulletgreen: -paid-
12. Durandal (Rinslettuce) :bulletgreen: -paid-
13. Joyeuse (Rinslettuce) :bulletgreen: -paid-
14. Hauteclaire (Rinslettuce) :bulletgreen: -paid-
15. Justin Alessandro (destron23) :bulletgreen: -paid-
16. Nikolaos Tydeen (SavinoWolf) :bulletgreen: -paid-
17. Nandalia Lei Chalin (mrshuskey)  :bulletgreen: -paid-
18 . Nami (vanillecream)

:bulletpink:Seniors:bulletpink: -CLOSED-

1. Sharada (morigamii)  :bulletgreen: -paid-
2. Joey (morigamii) :bulletgreen: -paid-
3. Rikki Yamashi (BritsMc13) :bulletgreen: -paid-
4. Kaede (BritsMc13) :bulletgreen: -paid-
5. Pati (Fimii)  :bulletgreen: -paid- 
6. Samuel Morel (royed-shipper) :bulletgreen: -paid-
7. John Patrick Uy (Juguardian) :bulletgreen: -paid-
8. Juliet Knight (Lacrirosa) :bulletgreen: -paid-
9. Geode Vocke (Lacrirosa) :bulletgreen: -paid-
10. Jinxie (0w0MikuruBEAM) :bulletgreen: -paid-
11. Komouri (Komouri-Chan) :bulletgreen: -paid-
12. Fionn Theuderic (sonyasim55)
13. Dorian Grimsley (SiriouslySiris) :bulletgreen: -paid-
14. Priel Aylin(Seizui) :bulletgreen: -paid-
15. Ivo Galvan (Seizui) :bulletgreen: -paid-
16. Mairu (oShadowButterflyo)  :bulletgreen: -paid-
17. Samuel Brown (Mallicat) :bulletgreen: -paid-
18. Emma Kirkland (Mallicat) :bulletgreen: -paid-

:bulletpurple:Faculty:bulletpurple: -CLOSED-
1. Ametrine Laurinde (sonyasim55)
2. Junren Xue Fang (sonyasim55)
3. Evarus Kinnaird (sonyasim55)
4. Nonoko Honey(Honeysan) :bulletgreen: -paid-

Let me guys know if I haven't included your name.

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ketmon Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014
ahh are freshmen still open? :o
ichan-desu Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww sorry it's closed atm : (
ketmon Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014
it's ok! I'll check again another time, thanks :)
ketmon Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014
that's a gross emote, let me try again.

Linktydraad Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013
Hi there, I paid for my slot, but it still says unpaid. XD heh 
ichan-desu Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep sorry forgot to update.
Linktydraad Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013
Lol, it's all good. It just had me a little worried XD
uyudong Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I would definitely love to get in on this!
SoulBeater Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
Is this still open? o3o~
*Wants to enrol OCs*
KurtExpress Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Darn it, I have 3 here. But I don't live in the USA, nor do I have any money from there...
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