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MY INTERNET SUCKS BALLS! I literally couldn't do anything. Just when I wanted to be more active, internet decided to be a dick. Most of my commish info, refs and stuff are saved online so yea.
It's fine now tho, I got a new one. Internet is stable again *O* Hopefully it stays that way forever. uou

And about commission, I have decided that I will not be accepting commissions anymore, I'm just gonna finish the current list I have and that's it. I might still consider some stuff but yea I'm still gonna be active here on DA. Again I want to thank everyone for your super ultra great delicious wonderful patience. ;3;

Like my facebook page *o* I'll post all my commission stuff there. Thanks!

Messages piled up so high.. I'm going crazy.

Hi everyone,

Okay here we go again.... Uhm yea it's going to be pretty much the same as my old Journal post and yea I suck.
I really want and hope that this is going to be my last journal entry about me disappearing. ;-;

Why do I keep disappearing? The truth is I've come to a point where I'm not enjoying drawing anymore, it isn't fun anymore and I wanted to quit (but I obviously can't cause I owe a lot of people some drawings and i feel I'm trapped or something). No matter how hard I try to force myself I just cant really finish a pic like completely zero motivation and usually when I did manage to finish one, I just end up hating the result. It's becoming more of a stressful thing to do than it being fun. I've become really depressed and anxious and it's the reason why I have not been posting anything. I started hating myself to the core to the point I even started hating my ugly physical self and I just wanted to disappear in this world. I didn't want to talk to everyone because I'm scared and anxious about it. I'm afraid of getting
a lot of hate because of it.

A few of you already sent me mail saying that I'm ignoring you. I AM NOT ignoring you guys or at least I didn't mean to, it's just that I really have not opened my mails yet because I'm scared. Which is really really stupid. (And I think technically that's still considered ignoring? OTL I'm so sorry).

But enough of this negativity, the main point of this journal is to let you guys know that recently I have been feeling a lil better, I've started doing more personal projects (Please don't hate me my commissioners ;A; ). At first I thought that this will help me cope up with my depression and help me get back on track with drawing in general instead of just lying and rot in bed the whole time. And it did help! I started enjoying drawing again and get excited every time I hold my pen.

My friend Scott (who has been helping me a lot with my shitty issues, specially financially ;O; ) encouraged me to open a Patreon page, it's like a win win for me, I do things I enjoy the most and earn some lil cash at the same time. Bless the people who made that site happen xD
So yea everyone, I'm introducing you my Patreon page! It's about our project Elder's Floating Temple! We're making this happen! For now it's all just character sheets and stuff but once we reached a certain goal we'll be finally start working on the actual manga! I'm really excited!

Here it is -> ( *beware the page contains a lot of nsfw stuff 'o' * )

Now about the commissions, I already started working on it again, still slowly and little by little tho but yea I guess it's better than nothing? OTL I sincerely apologize to everyone who have waited for ages. Since I started getting back my normal rhythm in drawing, I'll try to update more and I can only promise everyone a quality art. >< 

I want to thank everyone who has been really patient! Thank you so much and I'm so sorry ;o;

Today I created a Facebook page to update everyone more with my works! I'll post WIPS and stuff and I will try to be active more. For now I will post commission pics (color sketch) since the beginning.

Here ->…

To all my friends here! Again I'm so sorry I have not talked to youl for a long time now, I'll try to make it up to you guys. >< I love you.

The following days I will post some of the things I've done the past few weeks which is from our personal projects and hopefully more commission pics.

So yea that's all for now! Once again I'm so sorry everyone and I'll try my best to give you more fun contents regularly!!

I also want to thank the people who have been very supportive! Thank you! ;3; /hugs

Have a nice day and take care everyone!

Hi everyone,

I apologize once again for being MIA for a long while. Honestly I don't know what to write anymore  It's literally the same old shit and im sure everyone is sick of hearing it already like honestly I'm not improving at all, I've becoming more and more unproductive each days. Zero motivations, and been getting sick a lot. But anyway i just thought I'd write a journal to let you guys know that im not dead.

And Im still trying. I'm planning to post at least one full color pics every week (commission pics), easier said than done i guess but I will fcking try. If not then Im thinking of opening a facebook page so everyone can see which pics im currently working on, will post mostly sketches specially the colored ones. I'll post another journal for the facebook link once I made one.
Also i wanna push the idea of starting a patreon, to earn extra money and stop or at least minimize accepting commissions in the future. But I still don't know what will I do with it since most of my personal stuff aren't really that interesting. (it's supposedly my plan since last year but whatever)   
So yea. Again im really sorry everyone. OTL I was actually anxious and scared to even write a journal because i know a lot of you are already mad. Im really sorry.

I will try to read all the notes later, but I can't promise to be able to reply to all. I was thinking of instead of giving you another promises which I obviously really suck at, ill just do it and deliver all the pics when it's done. Please don't think that im ignoring everyone. I'll just talk less and do more.
Hello people!
First of all thank you so much to everyone who participated! I really really appreciate the effort!
We really had a hard time choosing the winners cause a lot of you are deserving, I wish I could give something to everyone who joined but alas I only have a limited amount of points >< Please don't hate me if your name wasn't picked. ; o ;

Here are the winners


Congratulations! points will be sent shortly

I have already sent everyone their llamas! Let me know if I missed someone.
Again thanks everyone!! See ya.

Thanks everyone for participating!
I will announce the winners later, I'll have my friend help me decide cause I didn't expect to get a hundred comments > o <
Thanks again!!

Okay so I thought of giving away some :points: to you my beloved watchers.

All you have to do is leave a comment below why you deserve such points XD
I will only be choosing 10 people! Each will receive 100 :points:
*Only my watchers are allowed to join*
This will only be open until tomorrow same time.
Everyone who leaves a comment will receive a llama badge from me. (that is if I still haven't given you one yet ofc)

Good luck :3

Hi people. Just letting you know that I'm still alive ><.. Sorry for disappearing all the time. ; A;
Anyway I'm doing better now and I'm back on track, just hang in there my commissioners we will get there! ;3;
I'm so sorry that I won't have much pic to upload right now but expect some soon!

And about my dad, he suffered from a stroke >< but he is recovering well now and improving! Thank god.
And THANK YOU everyone for the support and prayers! I love you all!! Thank you so much!!

Now for my/our plans for the coming months here on da..
Me and my friend have started another project, nothing special tho just a simple web manga/comics. We're gonna work on it once a week and hopefully i'll be able to post some teasers soon. It's called pen and paper.
Also hopefully this year we'll be able to finish chapter one of our other project EFT. I know it has been a long long time but me and scott are really struggling with chapter one, we've changed the idea like more than 10 times already. ><
I might start a patreon cause if this project gets funded, we'll actually be able to have more time to work on it. I hope some of you guys will support it. Hehe

Anyway that's all for now guys. Hope you all are doing good! ;3;

See ya.
I'm so sorry for my disappearance again. Life has been quite really rough. Depression keeps coming back. Internet has been cut off. And my dad is in the hospital right now. I just don't know anymore OTL. I'm really stressed about everything. I have been trying to play games to divert my attention and it did help make me feel better but then later I feel guilty about it so yea idk.

For the people who have been asking about their commission updates, specially the sketch commissions, I know I said they're quick to do but yea I'm taking forever on them right now. I'm really so sorry for the delay guys, I promise to finish them as soon as everything gets fine.
I actually thought of opening a commish again because the hospital bill keeps on increasing but I'm not sure about it. I might just contact a few people.

I'm only currently using a prepaid internet. Once I get a new service I will start uploading pics.
Hope you all guys are okay. And I apologize again for the inactiveness.    
*Leg/Waist up*

14USD one character
+12USD for additional character
+3USD for pokemon/small animals/etc/ (may charge more for larger poke)
*Maximum of only two characters per picture

*Full body*

18USD one character
+15USD for additional character
+3USD for small pokemon /small animals/etc / (may charge more for larger poke)
*Maximum of only two characters per picture

More samples here

So if you are interested just fill up this form and send me a note

Style: (leg up or fullbody)
Character Name:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Skin color:
Reference pictures:
Desired pose: (optional)
Short description of the character: (optional)

Thank you! ; 3;

I will reply messages tomorrow. I'm so tired. It's 4:42AM OTL

Long time no updates. I'm sorry u_u

So how are ya guys? Nothing much interesting happening in my life which makes me depressed lol but yea I'm good.

I wanted to write something long but ugh I don't know what to write -o-

Ohh I haven't told you guys that I got a new tablet already right? Kinda like an upgrade but hmm really nothing much difference ;A; except it's now easier to shade/paint BGs XD. Well it was stupid of me anyway to think upgrading a tablet will improve my drawing skills lolol.
I like it still. It so smooth and yea.

And ohh does any of you  know how to disable this thing?

I'm using my left hand for shortcut keys and every time my palm touches the buttons, that thing appears. It's annoying. (I'm lazy to google it sorry OTL)

And oh I'm thinking of accepting more slots for colored sketch, Cause I'll be needing some cash ><. Will post a separate journal after this.

Again I'm so sorry for the slow progress of the regular commissions OTL. I'm doing the best I can to clear them. 
Very old commish is 90% done
2013 batch is 60%
Height charts: 2-3 sets left?
Yearbook: Senior batch (already started lining)
Colored sketch: 60% (I do them as warm up so it's the quickest one to finish) 

So yeah.

I Hope you all are doing well!
Status: CLOSED!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! asdhajhdkjas :iconhappytearsplz:


Yep because I decided to upgrade my tablet and I needs some money :iconpapplz:
Turns out the problem of my tablet didn't fix after all. It goes back to being cray from time to time and today it works perfectly fine!! So yea idk anymore it is annoying. I guess it's time to get a better tablet. I'm thinking of getting an intuos pro the small one. >< It is too expensive so I'm opening a new type of commish to help me save up for it.

I will be offering a color sketch commission like the one below.
They're quick to finish so I don't think it will swamped me that bad. ><

*Leg/Waist up*

14USD one character
+12USD for additional character
+3USD for pokemon/small animals/etc/ (may charge more for larger poke)
*Maximum of only two characters per picture

*Full body*

18USD one character
+15USD for additional character
+3USD for small pokemon /small animals/etc / (may charge more for larger poke)
*Maximum of only two characters per picture

Also guys I will be updating the price of my regular commish in the future. I will open the regular once I cleared my old list. Sorry ><
*Loyal customers may still refer to the old pricing.

So if you are interested just fill up this form and send me a note

Style: (leg up or fullbody)
Character Name:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Skin color:
Reference pictures:
Desired pose: (optional)
Short description of the character: (optional)

Thank you! ; 3;
Okay it's now fixed!!! Well I hope? Let's see if the problem turns up again later. Hope not. Thank you soo much everyone who have commented!! :iconyuihugplz:

I just reinstalled the driver hehe ^^;

Hi guys how are you doing?

Okay so I was working on a pic earlier and then suddenly my pen started to act weird! Like it makes lines or it draws even without the nib actually touching the tablet or like even while hovering. It works perfectly okay yesterday and I didn't drop it or anything (well I did, but that's a long time ago). So yeah has anyone of you had the same problem? I tried googling it but didn't really find any answer. ToT
Actually it still goes back to normal from time to time but it's so annoying and it makes me work slower than ever.

If it didn't fix I might just upgrade to intuos pro (I've been wanting to have that!) but that shit is like the most expensive thing ever! So idk. I don't feel like  buying just the pen and it's so hard to find one here, idek if there's even an available one.

I'm still hoping it will get fixed. >o>

New Generation: Vance grown up!

Age: 19
Height: 5'6" (Shorty)
Physical Traits: Pale skin, Black hair, Short
Personality: Not easily impressed, Blunt, outwardly unemotional, Chill, passive aggressive, he doesn't like people much that's why he doesn't show much emotion but around pokemon he's a different person.
Likes: Will update soon
Will update soon

Full body ref

What he’s been up to:
Vance is now on his way to becoming a pokemon ranger, but to fully prepare himself; he sets out on another journey. Vance made the hard decision to leave his Treecko with his girlfriend Kylie, as he knows that it wasn’t up for traveling again, and sets out again. He quickly runs into a scared and traumatized Chespin, and after chasing IT around and Caring for it, takes it in as his own, dubbing the little guy Nuts. Now long over his constant urge to battle random people, Vance is more serious, and trying to focus on his career, and is out to try and understand the wild Pokémon he will be soon protecting. On his journey, he happens to run into his old friend and former traveling partner Reese, and then comes across a trainer he once battled, the Pokemon master of Johto, Carter Vandershlit. Together, they set off on a journey that will probably end badly for all involved.
Vance wanted it to be a solo journey tho as he knows the two will distract him.

Main pokemon:


-Always scared

How they met:
A family of chespins were migrating thru the forest when an infant, still tiny and very curious, got separated from the group. Alone and confused, it wandered for hours, eventually being targeted by larger, more aggressive Pokémon. The poor Chespin was tormented by the larger Pokémon, however was fortunate enough to escape them. Though he escaped the pokemon, he fell into a pit reap, set up by poke poachers. While stuck in the pit, a trainer passed by and noticed the trapped Chespin. The trainer was Vance, and upon seeing the trapped pokemon, he went into action into saving the poor pokemon. As soon as it was out of the pit, however, it quickly ran off back into the forest. Vance knew it wouldn’t last long alone in the woods, and went off after it. Despite it’s weakly state, the Chespins was able to hide well, though this did not stop Vance. After three days of searching, Vance finally found it, as it has passed out from lack of food. When Vance woke it, in its delirious state, it mistook Vance and his green jacket as its father. Vance fed it and when Chespin finally got its senses back, it freaked out when it finally realized that Vance was not his father at all. Despite its best effort to Escape, Vance grabbed it and put it inside his Jacket. Instead of trying to escape Chespin felt warm and safe within it. For awhile, it would cry itself to sleep.. After several weeks, it started to trust Vance completely, who had nicknamed him nuts. He would peek out from his jacket, from time to time, never fully leaving it, fearing he wouldn't never come back.

Relationships with other NG char:

REESE [MooseFroos]
his bio

Vance and Reese have a very interesting history together. Vance chased Reese around for weeks to try to challenge him to a battle, but Reese would always say no and run. However one day Reese couldn't run anymore and was forced to battle. Reese was beaten badly. Vance was content with his victory and was about to leave when he heard a faint voice behind him. "Don't go, I don't have any other friends..." Reese was on his knees gingerly holding his Meowth. Vance took pity on him and decided to to travel with him for a while.

Reese and Vance became great friends and Reese learned from Vance not to be afraid of battles. They traveled for a few years then they went their separate ways. Vance went on to be a ranger and Reese ended up in an unhealthy relationship. After these experiences Reese became a stronger and more confident person.

Don't make me shank you by ichan-desuIdunknowwhattowritedesu by ichan-desuJump by ichan-desu Swim by ichan-desu


Soon cause I'm tired already.

COMICS (you def need to check this out! So funneh XD)

made by the genius MooseFroos

*Thank you SNEEDHAM507 & MooseFroos for helping me with the writing! Lol

That's all for now See ya!! < 3

Just wishing you all A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Time flies really fast ahh it feels like it was just the other day that I wrote a 2012 Christmas greeting lol. Anyways I know 2013 isn't over yet but how's  it for you guys? As for me it isn't really that good. It has been really rough for me. My on and off depression has made it extremely hard for me to do all my stuff. I have been like less productive the whole year specially with the commissions. I really feel bad that I have made my commissioners wait like forever and even up to now some of you are still waiting for your pics oTL. Also I feel bad for not talking a lot to my friends here, it feel as though I'm neglecting all of you. I'm so sorry T-T
I also notice some of my friends here are leaving DA which is really sad. I miss those days when da was still fun, well not that it isn't fun anymore lol but like idk I don't feel the excitement going on here anymore.. Umm okay whatever enough of the negativity..

I want to thank everyone, my watchers, who are still there and keep on supporting me throughout the year, even though most of the time I wasn't able to reply to comments, notes and stuff >o<. I also want to thank all my friends who were always there specially when I'm really down, for helping me lighten up my mood when I'm stressed out, for all the gifts you all have given me, Thank you for everything!! I really am so grateful! I'm lucky to have you all. Ilu! Also thanks a bunch to my commissioner for being so patient, please don't think that I am taking advantage of your patience. I do really want to finish everything already.. It's just that maintaining the motivation to do my list is really hard oTL.. But yeah thanks a lot! Hope you aren't mad at me >o<..

I'll make sure 2014 is going to be good and fun. I will try my best to be more active and productive, Me and my partner will try to focus and give you guys updates with our project, I will try to be more organized with my list, I will try to improve not only my art but also my time management >o<.

Again Happy Holidays to you all! Hope we all have a wonderful one!!

I LOVE YOU ALL!! See ya!! <3

I suck at writing so pls forgive me ;o;
Thank you all for the birthday wishes, cakes, gifts, drawings and everything! You all guys are awesome! I love you. All your kindness really made me so happy ah ;o; I can't thank you all enough!
I will reply to every single one of you later! I just hope da won't consider it as spam tho and suspend me from sending messages lol. 

Well about my bday.
I spent my day relaxing lol. I was gonna play pokemon X all day but then my 3ds has gone cray. It keeps shutting down by itself ugh. So yea I decided to just watch a feel good movie, now I'm inspired to finish my own stories.. Too busy tho huhu ToT oh well one day. And yea I ordered a lot of food for everyone. It was fun. : )

Thanks again everyone!

EDIT: I HIT MAX!! Sorry I can't add any more fc ToT

And oh. about pokemon x. I haven't beaten the game yet as I can't really find an extra time to play. ToT But yeah just in case you wanna add me here's my FC
1246-9287-5522  (gimme yours too)
and oh pleaseee add my buddy (Konxovar) too
he has some cool safari pokes! Mine sucks but I haven't gotten my 3rd yet so idk lol. So far I only have one badge, and I can't believe how easy it is to level up in this game, now my pokemon doesn't listen to me. :iconokaymemeplz:

So yea that's all hehe

Hope you all are doing well!!
Thanks again for all of your bday wishes, it truly made me feel special!
Hehe.. Kamusta! Sooo nag-iisip ako na gumawa ng artbook/guidebook thingy pero hindi ko alam paano mag simula haha. Meron ba sa inyo may alam na shop na malapit sa Metro Manila na nag pi-print ng book? Like yung glossy? parang ganon. Yung maramihan. At magkano kaya iyon? Sorry halos wala talaga ako idea 0A0

Maraming Salamat! C:
YO GUYS! Just wanted to let you all know that my lovely friend MzzAzn is doing a fundraiser to raise money for volunteer work at a Kenyan orphanage.
Volunteers are needed in Africa during the holidays to spend time with them kawaii little angels who don't have families ><.
 Fundraiser for Kenya volunteering by MzzAzn
I love you all guys and I would love you even more if you can help, that will be awesome! Also please (if you can) spread the news! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! < 3


I'm hosting a fundraiser and it's honestly not doing so hot via facebook right now so I've turned to the deviantART community to help me out. I wanted to ask my friends for help as well as artists that support charities. Well, as I was running around I saw that you're supporting a charity ArtBook for Redkite so I thought maybe you wouldn't mind reading about my fundraising cause?

The passing of one of my family members inspired me to really do something... beautiful and impactful this year so I decided to join a volunteer program abroad. It's expensive to volunteer abroad because of vaccinations, visas, etc, but I feel like it's worth it to be like a family to these children that don't have them.

This is more information on it and it would be SO SO much to me if you could spread it around:
Fundraiser goal met, comms towards fees. This money earned goes towards the money that paypal/ has taken out of the $3,700 goal I had put up! :)


Please read carefully:
Current amount raised for the Kenyan orphanage volunteer fundraiser will be updated in the title!

:star::star:Those who have commissioned me, get priority! So their commissions will be worked on first before this fundraiser one.:star::star:
Fundraising through plain donations or discounted commissions for a great purpose! Offering discounted commissions to raise money for volunteer work at a Kenyan (in Africa) orphanage during the Christmas holiday. Volunteers are needed in Africa during the holidays to spend time with children who don't have families

Sample of her works
Rutana by MzzAznsnow stars. by MzzAznCommission: akatsukigirlsakura by MzzAznWelcome to the Family by MzzAzn

There's three ways to donate/pay for a comm:
Donate/pay to:

*PREFERRED - because I can track easily: By credit card/debit card to my donation pool:…

Via paypal to email:

By check to IFRE (the volunteer program I am in) directly: This way is the only tax deductible method as IFRE will send you a receipt.

You can send check donations to IFRE Volunteers and include in the Memo: Jade Choung

Make payable to:
Global Future Institute / IFRE
3131 Mckinney Avenue, Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75204

I without a doubt appreciate the time you took to read this note. If you could simply help by spreading the word or even donating yourself, that would ah, just make me really happy as well as the children I'd effect. You can help in many ways besides these too if you'd like, for example, if anyone wanted to do a commission/adopt fund for one item to help this out it would mean the absolute world to me.  

Even just becoming a supporter (and not donating) like this helps a ton:

So it has been raining here for 5 or so days straight. Flooding everywhere again ugh. To all my filipino friends out there, how are you guys? Please stay safe! 

Let's all pray for the rain to stop. Let's do it guys, thank you!

Can't even use my pc right now. ;n; water has entered my room. (it's not that bad tho so thank god) I just hope it gets better tomorrow or later so i could go back drawing again. ><


And to all my friends around the world, hope you're all doing fine.

And to da.. Please fix journal on phone. It's annoying ><

See ya all! 
Sorry guys for the lack of update ugh OTL..

*Click for full view!

DJ (DJ-Kid)
2. Major Dixon (DJ-Kid) 
3. Annalise Lancastrian(Seizui) 
4. Reize Seatlan(Seizui)
5. Lily(Seizui) 
6. Oranie-Labell Walter (QTMartina) 
7. Nemo (poketix)
8. Damien (zoidsfan507)
9. Blake (zoidsfan507) 
10. Devin Obsidian (xIce-Wolf) 
11. Yan Honda (Miingno) 
12. Jade Ailen Maine (Senyou) 
13. Kyle Allen Stearns (Senyou) 
14. Sophia (Mine)
15. Eric (Mine)


1. Tristan (Hayden-desu) 
2. Natalie (Hayden-desu)

*Click for full view!

1. Kajira(Seizui) 
2. Robbie Stylez (Grimzy-Scrawlings) 
3. Max Carter (Grimzy-Scrawlings)  
4. Kaylie Crow (RainbowNinja80)
5.Yo Hisashi (fuegokid) 
6. Caleth (Vizu)
7. Ivy-Jade McKie (Hieislittlekitsune) 
8. Kuni Oharu (kuni-boogiepop)
9.  Kalen Sequona  (Linktydraad) 
10. Iskandar (konxovar)
11. Thomas (Mine)
12. Max (Mine)
13. Fin (Mine)
14. Matt (Mine)
15. Wolfie (Mine)

1. Hashi (Hayden-desu)
2. Ryan (Hayden-desu)

*Click for full view!

1. Narisu Cabhan (mickeypoops)
2. Jack Cross (Inflictiionz)
3. Miyo Ai (Saturnflower)
4. Felix Sinclair (ssj2girl)
5. Faye Roux (ssj2girl)
6. Tobey Yimsta (Yimsta)
7. Dillar Eldberg (kowai-usagi)
8. Ryo Sato (Miingno)
9. Kit (ChronicFolly)
10. Sasha Shepperd(SiriouslySiris)
11. Durandal (Rinslettuce)
12. Joyeuse (Rinslettuce)
13. Hauteclaire (Rinslettuce)
14. Justin Alessandro (destron23)
15. Nikolaos Tydeen (SavinoWolf)
16. Nandalia Lei Chalin (mrshuskey)
17. Nami (vanillecream)
18. Alexander Kelly (SAB1113)
19. Harry Nanase (SAB1113)
20. Amirae Novune (mrshuskey)

1. Phil (mine)
2. Neo Ikaika (SAB1113)

*Click for full view!

1. Sharada (morigamii)
2. Joey (morigamii)
3. Rikki Yamashi (BritsMc13)
4. Kaede (BritsMc13)
5. Deadpool (Fimii)
6. Samuel Morel (royed-shipper)
7. John Patrick Uy (Juguardian)
8. Juliet Knight (Lacrirosa)
9. Geode Vocke (Lacrirosa)
10. Jinxie (0w0MikuruBEAM)
11. Komouri (Komouri-Chan)
12. Dorian Grimsley (SiriouslySiris)
13. Priel Aylin(Seizui) -
14. Ivo Galvan (Seizui)
15. Mairu (oShadowButterflyo)
16. Samuel Brown (Mallicat)
17. Emma Kirkland (Mallicat)
18. Rei (Hayden-desu)
19. Haru (Hayden-desu)
20. Kaede (Hayden-desu)

1. Nonoko Honey(Honeysan)
2. Kaitao Marius (novox-the-creator)

So to all the people listed.. Just note me if there's any changes you want.  Thanks! 

That's all for now guys. Gnyt. See ya! < 3

I will try to reply messages tomorrow, I haven't opened my notes yet ;-; I'm really tired right now and I'll try to do it tomorrow. bai ;3;

Hey guys it's been a while since i last update my da, sorry about that..
So okay i'm writing this journal for my commissioners. Some of you know that since last year I've been sooo desperate that I accepted a lot of orders like a lot! And as of right now I'm still swamped. I really feel bad that I've made you guys wait for ages already..  And I can't deny that there are times I did neglect  my list because of lack of motivation and forcing myself seems not working. Looking at the list gives me more stress than motivation actually but I know I can't complain since I was the one who put my self in this situation anyway. But anyways recently I have been working non stop and I want you guys to hang in there, I would eventually get to your pic so stay strong >< only one thing I can promise is I put so much effort in every pic I do. So expect some quality art. 

And please dont kill me ><

And btw Id like to thank those who are really very patient. I'm really happy to hear your positive feedback from the approval sketches i sent you despite the long wait. It gives me more motivation to proceed. So thanks a lot! 

And yeah i will try to update more soon ><

Have a good one you all. 

--- writing on phone sucks ><


Sat Jun 15, 2013, 11:45 PM
Past midnight my dog my buddy Igor passed away. I really don't know what to say, I'm so sad. I miss him so much. :cry:

Rest in Peace Igor. You have been the best. 
I love you so much. You will always be missed :heart: